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Rent a bike at VZW BASIS

As a student of PXL you can rent a second-hand bike for free (with a solid lock and an anti-theft engraving) at VZW BASIS. These bikes can be offered for free because VZW Socius (student service of PXL) pays for the rent. As a student you can rent a bike for a minimum of 3 and a maximim of 12 months. You have to pay a deposit of 70,00 € at PXL Bookshop. The deposit will be reimbursed when you return the bike. You will be given a receipt, after which you can collect a bike at the workshop of VZW BASIS: Kempische Steenweg 87 (behind the Essec phone shop). If repairs needs to be done, you simple have to pay the costs for the materials used. You also have the possibility to pay a subscription of 70,00 € which will cover all costs. If there is damage to the bicycle when returning it, the costs for the repairs will be deducted from the deposit. If your BASIS bike is stolen, immediately report the theft to the police and communicate this to VZW Socius and VZW BASIS. You will get another bike without a second deposit. The deposit of your first bicycle is stopped until the bike is found again.


PXL Bookshop

Elfde-Liniestraat 23 - Building D
BE-3500 Hasselt
t| +32 11 23 86 95