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International office

Dear Friends,

PHL University College & XIOS University College will merge into PXL University College as of September 2013!

PXL University College will offer a wider range of programmes than before. Soon the new website will be up and running.

Should you already have questions, do not hesitate to contact


Ben Lambrechts
President PXL University College



The application procedure for exchange students is open now! Exchange students must apply by using the online application form:

Please note that paper applications are no longer accepted!


The student has to fill in and upload the following documents:

  • Application form (fill in, download, sign and upload)
  • Learning agreement (fill in, download, sign and upload) (find the course catalogue here)
  • Certificate of English proficiency, signed by the university (we expect incoming students to have level B1 in English) (upload free document)
  • For students applying for courses in Arts and Design, an extended electronic artistic and personal portfolio must be submitted. This portfolio presents professionally a minimum of 20 arts works (upload)

Deadlines for submission

Study period starting in September: June 1

Study period starting between January-May: November 1


Contact the International Office should you have questions concerning the admission procedure: